X5 Pen Rotary Machine


About Product:

  • Weight : 4.28oz / Length : 5 inch
  • Grip Size: 25mm / 1 inch
  • Machine stroke adjustment : up / down to 4mm 
  • Product Include : X5 Rotary Pen Cartridge Machine / Machine Holder / Machine Power Cord


Product Description:

  • Super quiet running machine with a strong Japanese motor, the pen feels very solid, very well built.
  • Fits most name brand cartridges very well, will lock for a whole session of tattooing, designed to work similarly to a Sharpie, allowing little to no learning curve from drawing to tattooing
  • The machine is very light and little vibration, best machine for the health of your wrist, easy long tattoo sessions without hurting your wrist and hands.

Additional information


Black, Gunmetal, Red, Pink, Golden, Camouflage

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